Saturday, April 30, 2016

WIP Marathon - April

Last check-in: Started re-outlining the novel

Currently: Finished re-outlining. Wrote the first scene of chapter one.

WIP issues: I didn't get much done this month, but I'm very happy with the small amount of progress I made.

Things I learned in writing: It's really hard to describe a snowstorm in a way that isn't cliche.

Distractions: Spring break, academic writing, laziness, various TV shows, going to the gym, Passover, reading a lot, stressing out about away rotations. (I really have no good excuse for how little writing I got done.)

I'm currently on a rural family medicine rotation. You know you're in rural Kentucky when the nurses think your Indian classmate is black and your preceptor tells you about one of her patients who got into a fight outside Walmart on Black Friday and started a riot. Also, I got to see things like black lung disease and tick-bite induced beef allergies. My preceptor is really cool.


-Walk on Earth a Stranger - slower, but well-written
-A Gathering of Shadows - I fucking love this series
-We Have Always Lived in the Castle (audio) - subtly creepy
-Rebel of the Sands - it was okay
-A Visit from the Goon Squad (audio) - well-written, though very different from what I usually read
-A Sense of the Infinite - I wish I saw more books like this one
-Sisters' Fate - fun and mostly a feel-good book
-Sharp Objects (audio) - if you like fucked-up books, you will love this

Currently reading:
-Far From You - I like it

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