Saturday, March 26, 2016

WIP Marathon - March

Last check-in: Wrote one new scene for chapter 3, decided to change characters' ages

Currently: Re-outlined Part One and half of Part Two

WIP Issues this Month: I've been having two major issues with edits. 1) Need to cut a ton of words, and 2) Need to edit it with changes to the characters' ages in mind. After months of angsting over edits, I realized that making lots of micro changes to individual pages wouldn't be enough. I needed to look at the big picture.

I'm a very number-oriented person, so I started with that. When I wrote this draft, I mentally divided it into three parts.

Part One: 14 chapters, 51,934 words (average 3700 words/chapter)
Part Two: 12 chapters, 39,985 words (average 3300 words/chapter)
Part Three: 15 chapters, 42,759 words (average 2800 words/chapter)

Then I thought about my ideal word count: 40,000 words in Part One, 25,000 words in Part Two, and 40,000 words in Part Three. Then I divided those numbers by the average number of chapters in each part to determine an ideal number of chapters.

Part One: Ideally, there would be 10 or 11 chapters. When I re-outlined, I couldn't quite figure out how to condense it. The new version still has 14 chapters. However, I did identify 4 scenes that could be cut, and if I cut 850 words from each chapter, then I can bring it down to an ideal word count.

Part Two: Ideally, there would be 7 or 8 chapters. Part Two has always been my least favorite part of the book, with the exception of a small handful of scenes. It was also the part of the book most affected by the changes in characters' ages. This part of the book follows two separate plotlines. I managed to re-outline one of those plotlines and cut it down to 4 chapters. I haven't started working on the other plotline yet.

Part Three: Ideally, there would be 14 or 15 chapters. I haven't started working on this part yet.

So even though I didn't get any writing done this month, I've finally reached a major breakthrough, planning-wise.

Things I learned in writing: This post is starting to hit tl;dr length, so I'll skip this part.

Distractions: My psychiatry rotation was partially a vacation and partially an adventure. I've also been trying to put in a lot of face-time in the operating room and get academic writing done.


-The Near Witch - beautifully written, but kind of forgettable
-Adamant - (this is weird b/c I've never reviewed a book by a fellow WIP Marathoner) This book was a very fun read and I loved the part with the hover boots, though I did think it was too heavy on fights with magical creatures. (My enthusiasm began to wane by the time we saw the third wyvern/chalder vox.) Also, I wasn't very clear on the "rules" of magic.
-The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks (audio) - I'm adding Frankie Landau-Banks to the list of "fictional characters I wish I could be" (It's a very short list.)

Currently reading:
-Walk on Earth A Stranger - I like it a lot
-A Gathering of Shadows - So much awesome.
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