Saturday, January 30, 2016

WIP Marathon - January

Last check-in: 600 words into chapter 2 edits

Current check-in: finished re-writing chapter 2, trying to figure out chapter 3

WIP issues this month:

I've been too overwhelmed to prioritize writing during the last few months. It mostly happens when I'm in the mood, which is happening more and more often.

Editing is still a challenge. I've more or less broken even with words cut vs words added. The new chapters are different, but I don't know if they're necessarily better.

Things I've learned in writing this month:

1. Writing prayer feels so tacky.
2. A lesson I learned in reading
3. While reading The Unbound: This book made it very clear that the protagonist is, well, not the brightest bulb in the basket. You would think that this would be a detriment to the story, but it actually isn’t. The character’s bad decisions make sense in context, and they drive the plot. (And if she had gone about things the safe, smart way, it would have taken all of the tension and suspense out of the story.)
4. Your writing style changes over time. You might think a chapter was "one of the ones I got right the first time" but that chapter is also older, which means it's stylistically inferior to the one you had to rewrite a hundred times.


I started the month by blocking social media sites during certain hours of the day. It worked really well for the first couple weeks, but I spent the last two weeks on a subrotation with long hours and not much for me to do, so I've been cheating a lot lately.

Also, something they don't tell you about med school: You spend 90% of the time standing around with almost nothing to do. You're usually the dumbest person in the room and always the most useless. Then, when you come home, you're too tired and emotionally drained to do anything productive. Another problem is that you can't really talk about your feelings with other people, because those who aren't in med school don't understand and those who are in med school are either too busy to talk about it or don't want to talk about it. Even seeking mental health services is kind of a pain, because you never know when you'll have time to make an appointment.

I also started going to the gym every other day. I hate the gym, and I hate the elliptical, but it's a good time to get reading done and it's supposed to keep my anxiety under control.


-The Second Mango - meh
-Sorrow's Knot - cool worldbuilding, but it was very hard to connect with the characters
-The Ocean at the End of the Lane (audio) - really liked it
-None of the Above - really informative, but I didn't care much for the story itself
-Wither - I was surprised by how much I enjoyed it
-Black Dove, White Raven - a slower book, but worth it
-The Archived - excellent characters and worldbuilding
-This Is Where it Ends - sad, but really good
-The Unbound - not nearly as good as The Archived, but still readable

Currently reading:
-Feed (Mira Grant) - I like it
-Fall for Anything - not bad, but I can definitely see why this is Courtney Summers' least talked-about book

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