Friday, November 27, 2015

November WIP Marathon post

Last check-in: 2000 words into chapter 1 re-write

Currently: mostly finished chapter 1 re-write (3249 words), editing chapter 2

WIP issues this month:

My goal with editing is to cut out about 30,000 words, and so far, I have added 500. I do however, like my new first chapter a lot more than the previous one, both in terms of tension level and more thorough introduction to the characters. (The two complaints with my first chapter were that a) it wasn't gripping enough, and b) secondary characters were half-hazardly introduced, to the point where they didn't stick in anyone's memory.)

I am in the middle of chapter 2 edits, and I realize now how much I need to cut it down. In the last draft, I wrote with a "go big or go home" mentality and turned it into a pseudo-action scene to make it more interesting. However, the exciting elements of the scene did not contribute much to the plot. Now that I made chapter 1 more interesting, I can probably afford to take chapter 2 down a couple of notches. That will also allow me to focus more on character development.

If I rewrite chapter 2, I can probably cut it down by at least 1000 words, and then combine it with chapter 3. I can always use the old version of chapter 2 as bonus content.

Distractions: I spent the last month on elective rotations, which I loved. There has also been a fair bit of Angst About My Future, but I'm in too good a mood to write about that right now.

I'm also considering taking a long-term break from certain forms of social media for the next year or so (starting in January, probably). I would still blog, but I'll probably give up Twitter. It's too distracting, especially in regards to social justice and current events. While I think it's important to be aware of these issues, I'm at a point in my life where there's not much I can do to fix the world's problems, and spending hours thinking about them just prevents me from being as productive as I should be.


-In the Shadow of Blackbirds (audio) - highly recommend
-Star Cursed (sequel to Born Wicked) - I liked it

Currently Reading:
-Sorrow's Knot - still plodding through it
-Seraphina - just started reading
-The Second Mango - not really my thing
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