Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I have finished the first draft! As of this morning, the WIP is now complete at 134,500 words.

I wrote the last scene this morning. We got the day off because our board exam scores were supposed to be sent out, so as soon as I woke up, I started writing. I told myself I wouldn't check my score until I finished the book, but I was still checking email, and you can imagine how jittery I got when the email came at 11 and I was still figuring out what to do with the last few paragraphs. (No, I didn't read it until I was finished.)

I finished the scene about thirty minutes later. I don't think I'm very happy with the scene, but that can be fixed in edits. I still have a long way to go before the book will be polished and complete, but I finally accomplished something that I've been trying to do for 12 years: finish a draft!

I'm meeting a friend for dinner later, during which time we will celebrate my finished draft and my board score.* She is starting her first original novel soon, so she asked me to give her advice.

*I'm really happy with my score.

I guess now is the time to start thinking about edits. I've already thought of some things I want to change, so I guess the next step is reading through the entire draft (!!!) and figuring out how it all works together and what needs to be cut. There were also some scenes that didn't get fully written, so that's something else I have to do.

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