Saturday, March 28, 2015

WIP Marathon March Update

Last check-in: Finished chapter 33. Wrote most of chapter 34, but decided it needed a re-write. Figured out some backstory stuff. (word count = 115,255)

Current check-in: Finished re-write of chapter 34. Wrote chapters 35 and 36 (most of 36 was copy-paste). Currently re-writing a scene for chapter 37. (I've decided to take a break to write this post.)

current word count = 120,893 (does not include chapter 37)

WIP issues this month: This book will end up with 41 chapters. I've finally caught up to where I ended my longest draft.

Most of my issues this month are timing-related. I have three more weeks of school, and immediately afterwards, I have to start preparing for my first board exam. This will involve six weeks of full-time studying, and I do NOT plan on doing any writing at that time. Since I only have five more chapters, I want to be finished before my six-week study period.

However, I'm also behind in school and this week has been horrible for both studying and writing. I was really overwhelmed for a while, but then I scheduled everything out, and realized that I would probably be fine.

Up until school ends, I've decided to prioritize writing on the weekends. (I'm actually taking a break from writing to compose this post.)

Things I learned this month:

1. When I'm in school, the most appealing books are those with a lot of plot. I've been having some trouble getting through slower, character-driven books like Charm and Strange and Pointe. Both of them are really well-written, insightful books that I absolutely recommend, but they don't have that addictive plot factor to keep me desperate for more.

2. I have also been losing my interest in reviewing books. Writing reviews these days feels like a chore. I might stop.

3. Late afternoon classes and/or responsibilities are practically a guarantee that I will get nothing done for the rest of the day.

4. It's really surprising and awesome when a scene comes out of nowhere. Some of these scenes have been planned for months and I know more or less exactly what's going to happen before I write them. That was how chapter 34 was. However, there was one particular conversation that was completely unplanned. I had met with my friend that morning for our weekly writing sessions and was working on that chapter when I this particular confrontation popped into my head. I started writing it shortly before we parted ways, but the minute I got home I sat down and wrote the rest of it, even though I had an exam that week. I'm not usually a compulsive writer--most days my brain starts kicking and screaming at the thought of sitting down to write, but that day, I absolutely had to continue writing that scene.

Distractions this month:

I had two exams during the first couple weeks. Then my friend and I drove to Indiana for a concert. My friend really wanted to meet the band, so we snuck into the VIP section. Long story short, not only did we get to meet them, but they also offered to put us on the VIP list for their show in Chicago two days later, so what was supposed to be a 2-day road trip turned into a 4-day road trip.

After that, I had a week of spring break, which was when I got most of my writing done.

Right now, I'm back in school. I have a lot to catch up on, not just in terms of classes but also in terms of requirements and responsibilities, such as shadowing and looking for research opportunities.

This week, I've been a lot better about turning off the computer at midnight and getting exercise. I hope to continue doing this for the next two months.


-Otherbound (highly recommended)
-The Martian Chronicles (meh)
-Red Queen (pretty good)

Currently reading:
-A Picture of Dorian Gray (audio)

Goal for next month:

On April 20th I officially start studying for the board exam. Between that date and the day I finish my test, I do not plan on writing or using social media. Therefore, I will probably post my WIP Marathon update on April 17th.
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