Friday, February 27, 2015

WIP Marathon February Update

I'm writing this post a day early because I need to focus on studying tomorrow.

Last check-in: Mostly finished chapter 32. Working on chapter 33.

Current check-in: Finished chapter 33. Wrote most of chapter 34, but I figured out a way to streamline it, which means it'll probably need a rewrite.

Also, I finally figured out the backstory! Yay!

current word count = 115,255

WIP issues this month: It's been a really good month in terms of productivity. We had almost an entire week off because of bad weather, so I wrote almost every day that week. Also, one of my RL friends randomly decided to write a book, so he and I have been meeting at a cafe once a week to get work done.

I finally reached the good chapters, but they've been more challenging to write than I expected. The problems mostly involved small but important details - How do I get my characters from Point A to Point B? How do I steer a conversation so that the characters do what I want them to do? How do I justify what these characters do and do not know? And how do I do all of this efficiently?

Things I learned this month:

1. Sometimes, changing tiny mechanical details can make a story flow more efficiently. Character B can follow character A and catch up to her somewhere along her trip, or maybe he knows a side route that will allow him to surpass her, thus catching her by surprise and saving me the trouble of writing a scene where she hears him coming and then has to hide in the bushes.

2. I don't like writing romance scenes.

3. The biggest pain in the ass is a character who knows everything. One of my characters can literally look back in time (not more than a few days). She's not a very important character, but with such a useful power, it's impossible to justify not using her. So I have to give her a reason to stay silent for a while.

4. Writing at this level of perfectionism is really exhausting, but I don't know any other way to write. This is why I plan on having a day job.

Distractions this month:

The usual: school, friends, reading, internet, TV (I discovered that I like historical dramas--even when they're bad, they're still full of pretty actor/actresses with pretty accents and pretty clothes and pretty hairstyles.)


-Charm and Strange
-The Lowlands (audio)

Currently reading:
-The Martian Chronicles (for a book club)

Goal for next month:

Try to finish the WIP, though that seems to be going a lot slower than I wanted. Also, get better about taking care of myself. Once the weather's better, I'll have more motivation to exercise. Also, I need to actually make a habit of going to bed before midnight instead of staying up and dicking around on the internet.

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