Thursday, January 1, 2015

2014 Books

It's that time of year where I reflect on all the books I read in 2014. I am proud to say that I finished The Twistrose Key yesterday and Arclight a few days ago. I decided not to review them on this blog since I didn't have much to say about either, but if you're interested, I posted my reviews on Goodreads.

The full list of books is at the bottom. I only included the books that I completed (30 books).

Genre breakdown:

8 YA fantasy
6 adult fantasy
3 NA contemporary
2 historical YA
1 adult SF
1 adult literary
1 adult horror
1 YA contemporary
1 MG fantasy

Gender breakdown:

25 books by female authors, 5 by male authors

17 female POVs, 6 male POVs, 7 male and female POVs


3/30 Authors of color: Lydia Kang (Korean American), Okey Ndibe (Nigerian), N.K. Jemisin (black American)

5/30 Protagonists of color:
- “The Bitter Kingdom” -- Rae Carson (darker skinned, Hispanic-based)
- “Foreign Gods, Inc.” -- Okey Ndibe (Nigerian)
- “The Extra” -- Kathryn Lasky (Sinti)
- “The Broken Kingdoms” -- N.K. Jemisin (black-based)
- “Infernal Revelation: episode 1” -- Michael Coorlim (black)

2/30 LGBT Protagonists:
- “Made of Stars” (bisexual)
- The protagonist of one of the books I critiqued realized at the end of the book that she hadn't quite figured out her sexuality yet. This is so incredibly realistic and yet something that you almost never see in literature (unless of course the protagonist is going to end up with someone of the same gender.)

9/30 Protagonists with disabilities/chronic illness/mental illness*: 
- “Control” (respiratory defect)
- “Foreign Gods, Inc.” (hinted at epilepsy)
- “The Painted Darkness” (PTSD)
- “All the Truth that’s in Me” (tongue cut out)
- “Her Dark Curiosity” (graft rejection)
- “The Extra” (forcibly sterilized)
- “Half Bad” (dyslexia)
- “The Broken Kingdoms” (blind)
- “Arclight” (injured leg)

*I noted if a protagonist had a disability, but not whether or not the disability was portrayed well or realistically. (I don't feel qualified to evaluate that.) It's also worth noting that two of these books used the "instant cure" trope, which is considered extremely problematic.

Here is the full list. My favorites are bolded:

1. Control -- Lydia Kang
2. The Bitter Kingdom -- Rae Carson
3. The Republic of Thieves -- Scott Lynch
4. Vicious -- V.E. Schwab
5. Foreign Gods, Inc. -- Okey Ndibe (ARC)
6. The Painted Darkness -- Brian James Freeman (ebook)
7. The Wicked We Have Done -- Sarah Harian (ebook)
8. The Night Circus -- Erin Morgenstern
9. All the Truth that’s in Me -- Julie Berry (ARC)
10. Her Dark Curiosity -- Megan Shepherd
11. The Extra -- Kathryn Lasky (ARC)
12. Half Bad -- Sally Green
13. The Secret of Isobel Key -- Jen McConnel (ebook)
14. The Broken Kingdoms -- N.K. Jemisin
15. Premeditated -- Josin L. McQuein
16. Infernal Revelation: episode 1 -- Michael Coorlim (serialized ebook) (indie)
17. Incubus: episode 1 -- Rachel Bateman (serialized ebook) (indie)
18. unpublished manuscript #1
19. The Spirit Rebellion -- Rachel Aaron
20. unpublished manuscript #2
21. Born Wicked -- Jessica Spotswood
22. The Queen of the Tearling -- Erika Johansen
23. A Vault of Sins -- Sarah Harian (ebook)
24. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children -- Ransom Riggs (audio)
25. Entangled -- Amy Rose Capetta (ARC)
26. Made of Stars -- Kelley York (ebook)
27. Shameless -- Nina Lemay (ebook) (indie)
28. The Thief -- Megan Whalen Turner (audio)
29. Arclight -- Josin L. McQuein (ebook)
30. The Twistrose Key -- Tone Almhjell (ARC)

I plan on starting Dark Places today. Yay!

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