Saturday, August 30, 2014

WIP Marathon August Check-In

*checks feed reader* What? Today is a WIP Marathon day? Okay, um, let's see.

Last check-in: Working on chapter 19 (66,783 words)

Currently: Finished chapter 19, minus one scene. Copy-pasted some scenes into chapters 20 and 21. Chapter 21 is more-or-less complete, but chapter 20 needs 2-3 new scenes that I haven't written yet.

Current word count = 72,117

WIP issues this month:

There was virtually no new writing this month. All of my progress involved copy-paste with some minor line edits. I know which scenes I need to write, but I haven't quite given myself the time and the push to sit down and write them.

What I learned this month:

1. I finally worked up the courage to ask my grad student friend about what a therapy session would look like. There are a few scenes in the story where my character is forced to see a psychologist, but I wasn't sure I actually knew what a real therapy session looked like. I now have a much better idea of how to write these scenes.

2. But I decided to temporarily hold off on the therapist scenes because I need to get a better idea of how they fit with the story as a whole (or whether I need them). They don't add anything to the plot, but they can potentially be used as a good way to reveal backstory and some character development. But then I have to figure out which backstory to incorporate, since some of it will be revealed in other scenes.

3. I seriously need to get over my anxiety barrier when it comes to, well, just about anything--writing, critiquing, calling people, sending emails. It's getting out of control.

ETA 4. Oh, and this awesome post by Janice Hardy about trimming your word count that I have no doubt I will have to use at some point:

What distracted me this month:

I'm back in school, so that's the biggest thing. There were two weekends in the last month where friends came into town, and I went orienteering a couple of times. I finished critiquing a full manuscript. There was also about a week where I was feeling really low energy and couldn't bring myself to accomplish anything other than what was immediately required. I'm not sure if it was due to sleep deprivation or anemia or if it was just an emotional thing, but I'm currently scrambling to catch up on work that I missed during that period.

I finished reading Born Wicked, which I really enjoyed, and The Queen of the Tearling, which was basically 450 pages of preachiness and wish-fulfillment. I'm currently reading Nina Lemay's Shameless. It was one of those "Okay, I suppose I can at least try NA romance" decisions, but so far, I'm not sure it's really my thing. I also watched The Returned, a French TV show about people who come back from the dead, and it's really good.

Goal for next month:

Finish chapter 20. (Yes, I realize I'm setting the bar low this time around, but I'm feeling super lethargic today, so lofty goals are intimidating me.)

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