Saturday, August 9, 2014

Book Recommendation: Born Wicked

Have you ever read a fantasy novel that has really cool fantasy elements and an intriguing mythos, but the story and characters left much to be desired?

Born Wicked is the opposite. The fantasy tropes and elements are nothing you haven't seen before--there's nothing particularly exciting or eye-raising about them.

But that doesn't matter, because this book's real strength is in its characters. They're fully fleshed-out, with personalities and flaws and priorities and interests. I loved these characters. I understood them. I was interested in them. I loved how they drove the plot. And even though I disagreed with many of Cate's priorities, I still sympathized with her decisions.

Born Wicked is also a great example of how you can have a successful book where most of the characters are female, and where the love interests are actually likeable and fun, not controlling and broody. Oh, and this book was also very readable.

I highly recommend this book to anyone who loves character-centered fantasy.


This book is part of a trilogy. I promised myself I wouldn't buy anymore books for awhile, but I really want to read the sequel.

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