Sunday, May 4, 2014

Book Recommendation: Her Dark Curiosity

It took awhile for the plot to get going, and my feelings were kinda "meh" for the first half of the book. But the second half was much stronger, and when I finished the Her Dark Curiosity, I remembered exactly why I love this series.

Some things I appreciated about this book:
-Megan Shepherd isn't afraid to take the controversial route
-I love that Juliet is willing to get her hands dirty
-Juliet doesn't romanticize the issue of marriage--she actually thinks about it from a practical standpoint
-it has female characters who are smart, active participants in the story
-also, the female characters are strong in different ways
-this book could have very easily taken the route of villainizing science, and yet it very clearly doesn't

Some things that annoyed me (or might annoy you):
-the love triangle is just as present in this book as it was in the first book
-the magical cure trope
-why is she looking for immunosuppressive hormones in a pancreas? the pancreas doesn't do that!
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