Saturday, April 26, 2014

WIP Marathon April Check-In

Last check-in: Halfway through chapter 11 (39,414 words)

Currently: Finished chapter 11 (2828 words). Currently working on the first scene of chapter 12.

Current word count = 42,931 words

WIP issues this month: The scene I'm working on now is the big backstory chapter--the one where two characters finally sit down and talk about all the events that led to where the book is today. The events are sort of complicated, since the backstory consists of two wars and four changes in leadership, so I have to make sure to go through it slowly enough that the reader can follow but briefly enough that it doesn't get boring. I wasn't enthusiastic about it at first, but I think it's going okay.

Honestly, though, my main issue was not having time (or energy) to write.

What I learned this month: I learned about tension pneumothorax in our simulation session. 1) It can kill you in about four minutes if untreated. 2) A needle decompression (the in-the-field treatment for tension pnuemothorax) doesn't actually cure the pneumothorax, but it allows the air to equalize with atmospheric pressure, instead of building up in the chest cavity, which is enough to stabilize the patient.

(And yes, this is relevant to my novel.)

What distracted me this month: 2 biochemistry/genetics exams, 1 physiology quiz, 1 physiology exams, 2 weekends in St. Louis. I finish one exam and suddenly I have to scramble to catch up in the class that I neglected while studying for said exam. I'm so ready for this semester to be over.

I'm taking advantage of this weekend to catch up on physiology and on critiques that should have been done weeks ago. I guess this means I also have time to write.

I also finished reading The Night Circus (absolutely loved it) and All the Truth That's in Me (it was okay).

May goal: My goal is to get back into the habit of writing consistently by the end of the month. My semester ends in mid-May, and I'm hoping that summer will give me a chance to catch up on writing.

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