Saturday, March 29, 2014

WIP Marathon March Check-In

Last check-in: finished chapter 9 (34,806 words)

Currently: I finished re-writing chapter 10 and now I'm halfway through chapter 11. Also, I re-outlined the rest of Part One. (current word count = 39,414)

WIP issues this month: The re-writes of chapters 10 and 11 had to reflect the changes I made in chapter 9. Like I've said before, the plot itself didn't change significantly, but the characters arcs did. I've basically had to reconstruct the way I see these characters.

One of the consequences of these changes is that one of my characters has become a lot more interesting--but another one has become a bit less interesting. I'm still happy with it overall, so we'll see what happens.

What I learned this month: It's almost impossible to be both a writer and a med student at the same time. I have study days and I have writing days, but my usual window of focus is so narrow that it's hard to gather the mental energy to be both in the same day.

I also been better at getting my insomnia under control, which is important because I can't write or study when I'm tired (and I can't rely on caffeine because my tolerance to it is so low that if I have it after 4:00 PM, I can't sleep that night). I've discovered that if I turn off the computer, dim the lights, and read for half an hour before I go to bed, I'm a lot more likely to fall asleep.

What distracted me this month: I procrastinated during spring break a lot, particularly because I was working on a scene that didn't really go anywhere. It's one of those scenes that does have a reason for existing, but since it doesn't have a particular destination, I wasn't sure what to do with it.

When I got back to school, my main distraction was school. Also, I read The Wicked We Have Done (which I need to review) and watched Orange is the New Black. (The last episode has some uncomfortable similarities with later scenes in my novel. I hate when that happens.)

April goal: I've been shooting for a goal of 3000 words per week. At that rate, I can definitely finish Part One (14 chapters). Also, I would like a solid plan for Part Two (more than half of the Part Two scenes are already written, but I also have to figure out how to structure it (since that's where the characters' plotlines begin to split off) and what to do about backstory/flashbacks (there's a. lot. of backstory).

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