Saturday, March 1, 2014

WIP Marathon February Check-In

Last check-in: Re-writing chapter 9 (30,800 words)

Currently: I finished chapters 9-11, but then decided to re-write chapter 9 again. After that re-write, I wasn't sure which version of chapter 9 I liked better, so I sent both to Ifeoma. I was leaning towards the original, but she liked the new version a lot better. I decided to re-write the story with the new version in mind, which will involve huge changes in character development. I have to re-write 10-11, but that's okay, because I'm optimistic about the changes.

I had hoped to finish all of Part One during February, but that didn't happen--so that has become my March goal.

(current chapter count =  9 chapters; current word count = 34,806)

WIP issues this month: Writing a scene that's medically-accurate and believable, even though I have very little experience with actual clinical medicine, and having to choose between two scenes that result in strikingly different character development.

What I learned this month: I need to be more explicit and clear in my writing and stop expecting my readers to interpret everything, because it's really easy to miss stuff that way.

What distracted me: Because of last month's writing spurt, I severely neglected most of my classes. That meant I had a lot of catching up do this month. I'm also taking physiology this semester, which combines chemistry, physics, cell biology, neural/hormonal/conduction pathways, and clinical medicine. It's a LOT of concepts, and not always fun. (Though it's definitely helped with the whole medically-accurate thing.) I've also been dealing with a bunch of random health conditions, so I've been combating them by going to the gym more often. (The problems are mostly stress-related, so exercise helps a lot.)

Other stuff that happened this month: I passed my Clinical Skills Exam, watched a surgery, and took my first real patient history (that was awkward). I now have a shiny copy of Some Girls Are, which means that I am one step closer to completing my goal of reading all of Courtney Summers' books in order. Also, my roommate bought the third season of Game of Thrones, so that's what I'm doing this weekend.

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