Saturday, December 7, 2013

WIP Marathon Check-in #1

Last Check-in: 2 chapters (4800 words)

Currently: Re-writing chapter 3 (600 words so far)

WIP Issues this week: 

A) Exams. One down, three to go.

B) I'm introducing a new world and some new characters. In the last 600 words, one of the characters (not the POV character) met her half-brother for the first time. I'm still figuring out how that conversation would play out. (Input is welcome.)

What I learnt this week in writing: Introducing nice, friendly characters is hard. They have to have at least one visible characteristic other than being nice and friendly, or else they're boring. Also, I still need to incorporate physical description of these characters somewhere.

What distracted me this week while writing: The internet, as usual. Also, exams. I snuck in some time to write Monday and Tuesday, but on Wednesday, I was too anxious to be creative so I studied instead.

Last 200 words:

            “I’m Katil,” said the girl. “Takira’s heiress-to-the-throne.”
Olivia let her hands fall to her sides. “You—what?”
The heiress wore a loose white shirt and trousers, a periwinkle sash around her waist, and a simple necklace of turquoise beads. None of it seemed to indicate wealth or status. This is Takira, remember? Things work differently here. She bowed her head to the girl, realizing far too late that her built-in Takiran vocabulary didn’t come with a word for ‘Your Highness.’
            The girl laughed. “Nathaniel, is she always so timid?”
            Mr. Arken shrugged. Olivia blushed.
            “Come,” the heiress said. She was speaking to Paula now. “Paula, yes?”
            Paula came forward. “Yes, Heiress.” As the two joined hands, Katil’s cousin approached them.
            “Are you…Itoban?” Paula asked.
            He smiled. “I was wondering when we would meet.”
            Right. He’s her brother. Paula had mentioned her Takiran half-siblings, though Olivia hadn’t expected to be present when they finally met. Should she avert her eyes? She suddenly wished someone had taught her the etiquette for witnessing conversations between long-lost relatives.
            “I’m glad I could finally come,” Paula said. “I’ve heard a lot about you.”
            “From Nathaniel?”
            “From Nathaniel, from the Wolkows—”
            “Tabitha Wolkow?”

            “Who else?” Both of them laughed.

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