Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Book Recommendations: "The Raven Boys" and "The Dream Thieves"

Today I finished The Dream Thieves, the second book in The Raven Cycle series. Since I finished both of these books within a month of each other, I decided to review them together.

The Raven Boys:

I listened to this on audiobook. I'm usually not a re-reader, but this is the sort of book that I could listen to again and again. The style is beautiful and evocative, with just the right amount of cleverness and wit. I loved how distinct Blue and all four of the boys were--how they had fully fleshed-out personalities and contradictions and tiny details that reflected everything about their personalities. I loved the character of Henrietta and how the author actually managed to evoke the sense of mystery and supernatural that seems to elude most writers of paranormal fiction.

The one issue I have with the two books I read by Maggie Stiefvater is that her villains tend to fall flat. I was also confused by the implications of Adam's decision at the end of the book--but that's something that we'll probably come to understand in The Dream Thieves.


The Dream Thieves

I got my ARC of The Dream Thieves at BEA. I hadn't yet read The Raven Boys, so I almost didn't bother, but then the girl in front of me offered to hold my place in the Harlequin line so that I could grab a copy from the Scholastic booth. I'm SO glad I did. I absolutely love both books in this series.

The Dream Thieves differs from The Raven Boys in that it mostly focuses on Ronan. But that's okay, because Ronan is awesome enough to have a whole book to himself. This book has a bit more action and romantic hints than its predecessor, but like the first book, it's really the characters, the mystical setting, and the writing style that win you over.

However, I am still waiting for a decent villain. This book almost had one, but [spoilers].


The Dream Thieves is out today.

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