Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Updated "About Me"

It occurred to me that I should update my "About Me" page, since a lot of the information on there is no longer true. But I get weirdly nostalgic sometimes, so I decided that instead of editing that post, I would just make a new one.


Yael Itamar is a fantasy writer, book blogger, and medical student living in Louisville, KY.


Maybe it's just the business of orientation week, but that's about all I feel like saying about myself right now. I could write about my novel, but it wouldn't mean much to those who haven't read it. I could write about my hobbies, except that I haven't done much of them lately. I could write about where I'm from or where I went to college, or about my over-sized Israeli family, or even about my two-year exile in New Jersey, but all of that is stuff I've mentioned before. If you're really curious, go through some old posts.


Yael Itamar is also, apparently, too lazy to write a proper "About Me" post.

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