Sunday, June 16, 2013

Life updates: BEA and Louisville

The last three weeks have been both awesome and overwhelming. Here is a short(-ish) overview of all that has happened.

Week One: My last two days of work were this week, which meant two days to finish the review article I've been working on for the lab--a task made for difficult by computer problems that arose early in the week. On Wednesday night, I went for a good-bye dinner with what I thought was one labmate, but actually turned out to be the whole group. The next two days I spent going back and forth between BEA and Newark, because I had until the end of the week to pack up my apartment. BEA was amazing. I grabbed a bunch of ARCs, and even better, I got to talk about actual books with actual people in my own actual voice (and they talked about books back!) Also, I got to tell Paolo Bacigalupi and Elizabeth Wein just how much I love their books. The next day, after my apartment was empty and clean, I spent the last day in New Jersey with some of my family. During this entire week, I was suffering from a horrible bout of insomnia, which meant that I was practically falling asleep at the wheel as I drove down to my friend's place in Washington, DC. When I finally got there, we went out for ice cream, and by this time I was very loopy.

Week Two: Nine-hour drive to Lexington, where I stayed with another friend. I made the mistake of taking the shorter route, which involves very hilly country highways. My car apparently doesn't do well with hills, which resulted in a panicked AutoZone stop halfway through the drive. (The car was fine.) The next morning, I drove from Lexington to my new lab in Louisville. After work, I met my roommate for the first time. Even though we signed the lease weeks ago, the apartment wasn't ready for move-in until Friday, so I spent that week living with my roommate's family and driving around with a fully-packed car. That weekend, after finally moving in, I drove down to St. Louis to see friends and family.

Week Three: Not much to say here. Work, new apartment, computer fixed, roommate away in Barcelona, another weekend in St. Louis. My apartment still doesn't have internet, which is great for my productivity and not so great for finding my way around town. (I'm the only person in the world who doesn't have a smartphone and I don't plan on changing that anytime soon.)

So far, I'm very happy with everything. My roommate seems very cool, my labmates are great, and I absolutely love Louisville. There are a ton of independent cafes and restaurants, the people are friendly, and it's small enough that I can get around very fast.

So that's my new life. (Yay!)

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