Friday, March 29, 2013

Book Recommendation: The Madman's Daughter

If you are a feminist anatomy lover like me, then you will adore this book. Juliet is everything I ask for in a protagonist--she's smart (bonus points for loving anatomy), curious, gutsy, stubborn, and a plays a very active role in a story set in a world where women are expected to be anything but. She also has a dark side--one that can be fascinated by horrible things, even when she knows they're wrong.

I have taken issue a lot with "evil scientist" plots, but this book handles it with a bit more nuance--the morality of the science is questioned as much as it is criticized. I also thought the romance and love triangle was better handled in that Juliet wasn't obsessed with the boys, and there was actually a thread of sexual desire rather than "I would die without you."

Some issues I had with the book: The style wasn't bad, but it was by no means impressive (a little too tell-y for my liking). I wanted to see more of Balthasar--at one point, Juliet called him a "friend," but I hadn't seen enough interaction between them to believe that. Also, could we put a moratorium on sexy dream sequences? They add nothing to the story.

I also wished Megan Shepherd had done a bit more research on xenotransplantation and immunosupression, but that's just me being weird.

If you like smart, active female protagonists and aren't hesitant about reading a book that includes gore and animal cruelty, then go read this book.

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