Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Road Trip Wednesday: Holidays

Notice how I never do YA Highway's Road Trip Wednesday anymore? I stopped when I started working in the lab (7:30 AM lab meetings, guys. Not fun.)

But now that I'm on holiday vacation, I suddenly have all this magical free time. I can write my book, write my blog, read some stuff (A Clash of Kings, ftw!), run around St. Louis, drink too much, sleep as late as I want, and still have loads of time to waste on the internet. Best of all, I don't have to sit through Jersey traffic, so when I get home from whatever the hell I'm doing, I'm not too pissed and tired to be productive.

But don't I have to spend this time doing holiday and family things? Like cooking and cleaning? (Nope. We go to friends of the family for that.) Or traveling across the country to visit relatives? (My family breeds like rodents, so we save all our frequent flier miles for when somebody just had a baby.) Or going to Church? (We're Jews.) Or going to Synagogue? (We're not very good Jews.) Or watching parades and fireworks? (Patriotism is for sheep.) Or football? (I lack the attention span for a game that pauses every ten seconds.)

So, no, holidays do not get in the way of my writing.

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