Saturday, May 12, 2012

Why Facebook is better than Twitter

Two recent facebook conversations:

Borderline Sociopath Friend: I had thought that by the time I'd graduated from college, most people would have stopped being passive aggressive and easily offended. Apparently, I was mistaken.
Me: What did you do now?
BSF: I apparently "left a bad impression" with a number of new acquaintances at an event nearly a month past. I only just learned of this today. Perhaps its foolish, but I expect people to behave like adults, and discuss their problems openly and face-to-face.
Me: You clearly do not know many adults.
BSF: I'm beginning to think that you're correct.

Denner: there is nothing worse than having a rogue spider running rampant through ur car while driving down the freeway...
Me: The rogue spider is driving down the freeway? (Sorry. My inner SAT tutor is coming out.)
Denner: oh no i cant believe i did that i fucking hate dangling modifiers! but technically i guess the spider was controlling the car; i was freaking out way too much to steer in a straight line and i was swerving in response to where it was...
Me: How have you stayed alive this long?

When I have these conversations on facebook, the comments show up in an organized format, in chronological order, and without all of those pesky @ signs.

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