Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Confession

Dear Internet,

You are destroying my life.

Let me rephrase that: I'm letting you destroy my life.

And you know what? I'm not okay with that. And I think it's about time we got our relationship back under control.



I know I'm not alone in saying that I spend far too much time online, but in the last year, it's become less of an avenue for pointless entertainment and more of a compulsion. On Sunday night, I spent hours clicking from page to page, growing progressively more tired and bored with myself. I wasn't entertained, I wasn't interested in most of what I was reading, but I kept clicking around in the hopes that that would change.

It didn't.

The internet used to be a place where I could express myself, an easy way to socialize, and of course, the source of epic snark and elusive nuggets of writing advice. But alas, over the last few months, I've realized that discussions and "advice" posts are growing more and more repetitive, that half the blogs I've subscribed to don't even interest me, and that I don't even have the focus to express myself on my own blog most of the time. Moreover, I waste hours that I could spend reading or writing or actually doing RL stuff.

It's not that I need to stay off the internet. It's that I need to get my internet life under control.

1. I will not spend hours on the internet unless I am actually doing something I want to do, like blogging, or watching Buffy, or engaging in an actual discussion. I will not waste my time "fishing for entertainment."

2. While the number of blogs I've subscribed to is not overwhelming, it's high enough that some of the blogs I can't distinguish from all the others. As of the end of this week, I will identify all of those blogs I don't care about and unsuscribe from them.

3. My new priorities, in order: 1. lab, 2. Princeton Review, 3. family, 4. friends and/or activities, 5. bills, chores, errands, etc., 6. medical school applications (this will pop up to #1 or #2 in June), 7. reading/writing. The internet is below all of these.

4. I will update this blog at least twice a week. This includes reviewing all books within two weeks of finishing them.

5. I hate Twitter. I hate the format. I hate having to scroll through hundreds of posts that are completely meaningless to me just to find one that's interesting. That's not saying I won't use it, but I won't log on to Twitter expecting to actually have a conversation.

6. I will not turn on the computer when I'm at home unless I have a particular activity in mind. Home is where the internet binges happen. Instead, I will spend more time in cafes when I need to get stuff done.


I don't mean offense to any of you guys, since I like some of you a lot, but over the last year, I have developed a serious addiction to the internet, and now that I have real responsibilities, I can't afford to continue like this. I promise to keep reading and commenting on the blog posts of people I like, but at this stage, I can't make social networking a priority.

With that said, there are a lot of posts I mean to catch up on, (including an Israel post and my long-overdue review of Wanderlove), and I will get to them. Just not today, since I have to teach a class in an hour.

Also, a request? Can at least one of you comment on this post? (Yes, I do realize the irony of this request.) Blogger made some changes, so I want to test the comment system. (It doesn't have to be a real comment. "ajsdsafdasd" is fine. Just no Viagra ads, please.)

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