Thursday, March 8, 2012

Okay Fiiiiiiiiiiiine (7 Lines From My WiP)

Line 7 on page 7 started mid-sentence. So I shifted this up a couple lines. (And did some editing.)

“I made an exception for the instruments,” Mr. Arken said. “Oh, and Jackson—” The young man spun to attention. Olivia could see Paula’s diamond cross glittering in his palm. “Paula can keep her necklace. It was a family gift.”

And if it weren’t, they would confiscate it? Then again, Mr. Arken also thought that earrings were a symbol of masochism, so perhaps this shouldn’t surprise her.

Paula snatched back her necklace and walked to Olivia’s side. “Get used to it,” she muttered. “Inter-World’s paranoid.”

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