Saturday, February 11, 2012

In which I reveal just how much of an awkward person I really am

A couple of you guys have given me this little thing. (Thank you Donnelle and Victoria!)

The rules here are 1) post ten random facts about yourself, and 2) pass it on to six other bloggers.

It's that second one that leaves me a It's not that I don't love other bloggers. I love you guys, I swear! But to publicly announce my stalking habits...

Me: Congratulations to [Awesome Blogger]!
Awesome Blogger: Do I know you?
Me: Um...

Still Awesome, But Invisible Blogger: Why didn't I get one? Do you not love me?
Me: *curls up in a ball*

Voice of Reason: You know it's not that big of a deal right? It's just some silly internet meme. And there's nothing wrong with plugging blogs you like.

(When I was in college, I was in a co-ed service fraternity (Alpha Phi Omega). At one meeting, we divided up into families and had to guess each member of the family's answer to certain questions. Of course, my question was "Who is the prettiest member of your family?" And I could have merely given an answer, but what if I hurt everyone's feelings by saying they're not the prettiest? And what if the person I pick gets all creeped out? WHY MUST YOU MAKE ME DO THIS? (I ended up choosing the girl who was head of Fellowship Committee, under the guise of being able to joke about "Can I get a free fellowship hour?" But I made the mistake of over-emphasizing the "fellowship hour" part. You know, so that it would be very clear that I wasn't actually making judgments on people's appearances. But that just made it more awkward, because fellowship hours are really easy to get, and the only people who would need a free one are those who have no social life...)

Speaking of awkward, a girl in my lab recently introduced me to Socially Awkward Penguin.

(Okay, enough procrastinating.)

Anyway, there was also a problem where some of the people to whom I would have given this already received one of these.

So fuck the rules. (As I've said before, chain posts make me feel like a sheep.) Instead, I am going to list some blogs that I like and that you should check out. If you're on this list and haven't received a Kreativ Blogger Award, feel free to give yourself one. (I decided to limit this to people who had less than 200 Followers, since those blogs don't really need the boost):

A Little Dversion: Illustrated novels FTW!
Ash Uncharted
Confessions of a Twenty-Something Fiction Writer: Yay, fellow "New Adult" person!
The Raven Desk
Zap's Lobster Tank

Individual posts I really liked:

Athena Franco: "february challenge: a month of letters"
Blogging for YA"A Visual Representation of My Editing Process"
CP Slayer"What YA Fantasy Means to Me"

And, finally, a special plug. Why "special"? This one isn't a writing blog, but actually an artist blog. Rachel Krislov is a very good friend from college, and her talents extend to printmaking, costume design and makeup, fanart, and a bunch of other cool stuff.

This one is my favorite:

Also, Donnelle, I think you guys share a lot of interests (anime, Dr. Who, Tim Burton, Terry Pratchett, cats, creepy stuff.) So you guys should be friends or something.

Oh yeah, and onto the ten facts. I already gave you that tl;dr APO story, so I'll just do nine random facts.

1. I became a serious writer when I was thirteen. My first (and only) completed novel was Harry Potter fanfiction. (This is why I can't appreciate fanfiction.)

2. I love reading bad reviews of books I found overrated. (Ask me anything about Twilight. I've never read a single book, but I know the entire series just from 1.5 movies and following all of the online hate!)

3.Strangely enough, the people who wrote these books often tend to have the most addicting blogs...

4. I'm a vegetarian. And I have killed countless innocent mice in the lab. (Painlessly, of course.)

5. I'm a coward by nature, and I hate myself for it. Therefore, whenever I get the chance to do something even remotely badass, I do it. I have climbed aboard a moving freight train, ridden on the roof of my car, climbed up a rocky ledge, fallen ten feet out of a tree, dunked full-body into the freezing ocean in Cape Town, stripped onstage, climbed to the roof of my university's power plant, and spent two days living with a village of hippy squatters in London. (That last one merits its own post.)

6. I shaved my head in college. It was for a cancer fundraiser, but I was mostly just curious to see how it would look.

7. Pasta strainers are for the weak.

8. It weirds me out how many YA authors get married in their early twenties.

9. If I ate myself to death on Nutella, I would die happy.

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