Monday, January 23, 2012

YA Romances -- a rant

Things I never want to see in YA romance ever again: (Unless of course I happen to be playing a drinking game)

(This is a list I expect to update. Possibly more often than I'd like.)

1. Girl meets boy. Boy starts off acting like a jerk.
This is fine if said boy is, you know, a jerk on a regular basis. But if the guy isn't normally a jerk, why is he suddenly acting like one? Just to give him false bad boy cred?

2. Sexy boy who quotes literature.
Quoting literature is supposed to be a sign of an intelligent boy who can think for himself--and honestly, I find this to be a load of bullshit. Quoting requires rote memorization, not independent thought. If you want to prove your love interest is smart, at least have him analyze the work he's quoting. (Or better yet, criticize it.)

3. "You're not like other girls."
Dude, you just met her a week ago.

4. Love Interest shares your taste in music
I think XKCD did a comic on this once.

5. That girl getting all chummy with the Love Interest--yeah, she's his sister

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