Thursday, January 5, 2012

Review of "Soulless" by Gail Carriger

Looking for paranormal romance that actually has a plot? Hey, look, I found one!

Soulless is an interesting blend of urban fantasy and steampunk with a significant helping of romance thrown in. It is this latter element of the book, unfortunately, that prevented me from appreciating it. While the plot was very much present, it was far overwhelmed by all of the awkward bickering and kiss scenes. I was unimpressed by the romantic development. Lord Maccon's actions and feelings towards Alexia often struck me as more immature than anything else. (He gets jealous when she tells him about having an important conversation with a vampire friend--one who is so obviously gay it's painful.) Aside from this, I wasn't impressed with the characters. The secondary characters had only minimal depth, while the villains had none at all.

This book does have a few redeeming qualities. For one thing, it's hilarious. (And this means a lot coming from me, as I'm usually not a fan of humorous novels.) The book also has a very interesting mythos, and as I said earlier, I love how the author blends steampunk and urban fantasy elements.

Admittedly, while I didn't exactly *like* the book, I could easily see this series turning into a guilty pleasure. (I'm sort of tempted to pick up the next book.)

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