Wednesday, January 11, 2012

About My Name

Apparently, Tracey Neithercott is psychic, because she predicted this week's Road Trip Wednesday question before it was even posted. (In other words, if this turns out to NOT be this week's RTW, you know who to blame.)

So the question is this: What would your pseudonym be?

I find this question hilarious because, well, Yael Itamar is my pseudonym. There are many reasons I use it, but most of them come down to online anonymity. I use this name for Facebook, Goodreads, and (obviously) this blog. I occasionally express controversial opinions, and I do not want said opinions to get in the way of my career aspirations. With a false name, I can write honest book reviews, complain about Israeli politics, and talk about that time I hitchhiked aboard a moving train.

But why such a weird pseudonym?

Like my real name, "Yael Itamar" is an Israeli name. "Yael" means "gazelle" in Hebrew, and "Itamar" is a boy's name that I have always loved.

How do you pronounce it?

ya-EL  i-ta-MAR

What do you think of it? (You can tell me if you hate it. Remember, I haven't been published yet, so there's still time to change. *wink*)

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