Saturday, January 28, 2012

About Me

Never ask me "What are you thinking about?" Sometimes you don't want to know.

An example:

I think of many 'What if?' scenarios. Like, 'What if my life were actually a novel?'

No big deal. I'm sure lots of people have wondered the same thing.

But I take it a step further: 'What if my life were actually a novel, and someone picked it up and decided to write weird fanfiction about it?'


This is Yael Itamar. She is 24 and lives in northern New Jersey, where she can often be seen writing (or pretending to write) in local cafes or libraries.

She is working on the first novel in a portal fantasy trilogy. The novel may or may not be YA. (Not that category really matters, because said novel will never be finished.) The novel will be finished in 2013.

Other than writing, she spends her time working in a spinal cord injury laboratory, angsting about her med school applications, teaching SAT prep classes, reading, and mooching off of her Italian sister-in-law's cooking.

She is originally from St. Louis, Missouri. She has traveled to six continents and spent a semester living in Spain. She is (relatively) fluent in Hebrew and Spanish.

There's a lot more Yael Itamar can say about herself, but she will save it for future blog posts.

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