Wednesday, December 21, 2011

RTW -- Where I get my books

I looked at the list of all the books I completed this year (33) and broke them down based on how I obtained them. The results:

Borders/B&N: 12 books
-As much as I value independent businesses, when it comes to bookstores, I prefer large chains. There's more selection, and I like being able to sit down in the store to read. (I sometimes have trouble concentrating on a book when I'm at home.)

Hide in bookstore & finish book: 6 books
-I know this makes me a horrible person, but up until October, I had no paying job. Therefore, it was very hard to justify paying $16 for a hardcover that I could read in a day. (Also, all six of these books were best-sellers, so I don't feel like I was cheating an author out of their money.)

Borrowed: 4 books
-Two from my roommate, one from another friend, and one from my mom

Indie Bookstore: 3 books

Library: 2 books

Amazon: 2 books
-This was early in the year, and since then, I promised myself that I'm done with Amazon.

Ordered (not Amazon): 2 books

Online: 1 book
-Free, yes. Legal, erm, probably not.

ARC: 1 book
-My roommate went to BEA and got me a signed ARC of Legend. I'm glad I didn't pay money for it. (It still has sentimental value, though, since it is my first ARC)

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