Monday, December 5, 2011


You know how the opening is considered the most important part of your novel, since that's the part that convinces people whether or not to invest in the whole book?

So what you do is you start a novel with a great opening chapter. It's intriguing and well-written and the perfect place to start your novel. And then when you're well into your draft, you put it up for critique and either no one looks at it or it gets smashed to bits. And then you brainstorm some more, and an idea hits you and you think "Yes, this!" And so you write another great opening chapter, and it's even more intriguing and well-written and the perfect than the one before. And then that gets smashed to bits in critique. And then another idea comes to you, and once again you think "Yes, this!" And then that version gets torn apart. And so the cycle continues...

Well, you know what?

I just wrote a new opening line. And an outline to follow.


Yes, this!

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