Thursday, December 22, 2011

2012 Book Resolutions

I've seen a lot of "2012 Book Resolutions" on the blogosphere this month. I've seen a lot of "I want to read x classics" or "I want to read x debuts." I considered doing something like this, or at least setting a goal of how many books I'd like to finish, but decided against it. I'll read what I read, and there's no point in deciding right now.

But there is a small category of books that I do want to read, mostly because I feel these books are somewhat relevant to The Temple Well. So I plan to read these books in 2012:

Incarnate by Jodi Meadows: It's utopian SF/fantasy, and I wanted to see how another author handled the world-building.

Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson: The main character seems similar to Olivia in many ways. I also heard that the world-building contains several religious elements.

Liar by Justine Larbaliester, Inexcusable by Chris Lynch, and Hushed by Kelley York: All of these books have a protagonist who is severely flawed or unlikable and who may or may not have committed some sort of horrible crime. A lot of books use the anti-hero trope, but very few actually have a villain protagonist or a protagonist who is meant to be unlikable.

It's weird for me to seek out books that are similar to mine, but I should at least be familiar with some. But mostly I'm seeking out these books because I'm curious to read them.

Do you have any sort of book resolutions for 2012? What are they?

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