Wednesday, November 2, 2011

If I had a writing coach (RTW)

Well, actually, I think I need two writing coaches.

1. The first one needs to be hardcore and mean. The kind of coach who won't actually look at my writing, but who will yell at me until I finish today's deadline. From time to time they will probably guilt me out about not having a real job other than baby-sitting for two hours a day. At that point, when I am feeling too down to actually be productive, I will run to...

2. second coach. This person will look at my writing from time to time and they will love it. They will point out which parts they liked and be excited to read more. Of course, they will have criticism, but they will write it down and file it for later, so that I can look at it AFTER I have finished the first draft.

At this point, my main priority is to get a COMPLETED draft written. I keep going back and editing, and at this rate, I will never finish the manuscript.

Status Update:

Where I should be by December 31st: 75,000 words
Where I should be by (the end of) today: 9,927 words
Where I actually am: 3,895 words
Yes, I know this isn't nearly as far as I need to be. Certain circumstances (being sick, heavy snowfall, power outtages) have been getting in the way. But I will bounce back! (On the days where I have been writing, I averaged a little under 900 words.)


  1. I'll be your coach for a minute! Keep writing every day, even if it's only a paragraph. Or one sentence. It helps keep things fresh. Believe me, I know about the sickness end of keeping you from your goals, and I don't always follow my own advice, but I think it's important. You will finish!

  2. Yes, I grant you TWO writing coaches! (Bippity-boppity-boo!) I had a few extra pumpkins sitting around...

  3. You could combine these two by having a coach that will require you to submit a certain number of pages by a certain date, and will provide you with the kind of critique of those pages you need. Having someone pinging you regularly saying "how are those pages coming along?" can be motivating--even if it's just to get them off your back! :)

  4. Good luck on completing your WIP! It helps to turn off that editing side for a bit and just write forward in the story. You have plenty of time to go back and edit, and once you have the ending down your edits will be able to string together everything in a more comprehensive way, anyway.

  5. Haha, thanks for the advice, guys!


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