Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Secondary Characters I Really Liked

YA Highway: What supporting character from a YA book would you most like to see star in their own novel?

Meh, I don't feel like speculating on novels that don't exist right now. How about, instead, I just give you a list of secondary characters I really liked: (spoiler-ish ones in white)

Ship Breaker: Pima and Tool

Ash: Clara

Who Fears Death: Luyu

The Magicians: Penny. He was the only interesting character in the entire book.

The Hunger Games: One of the sad but awesome things about The Hunger Games is that the first book introduces so many characters, but due to the circumstances of the series, a lot of their personalities and back-stories remain a mystery. Thresh? Foxface? Even Cinna we don't know much about. (Although I think it would ruin it if we saw Cinna's backstory.) Also, I love both Haymitch and Joanna Mason.

Harry Potter: Once again, lots of them, but Ron is hilarious and Hermione is under-appreciated, considering that she saves the day EVERY SINGLE TIME. Also, like everyone, I would love to read a book starring the Marauders.

The Kingkiller Chronicles: Devi. These books need less fairy sex and more Devi.

Neverwhere: Marquis de Carabas


  1. I COMPLETELY agree with Neverwhere!

  2. Good choices. An entire novel on Haymitch would be interesting, I'm sure :D

  3. Pima in Ship Breaker. Excellent choice!

  4. I would so love to read a story from Haymitch's POV, either the same HG from his POV or the story of his HG and his life when he was young.

  5. Tracey-Did you read Catching Fire? They describe Haymitch's HG at one point. Also, have you seen this video?

  6. Why do you think seeing Cinna's story would "ruin" things? I hadn't thought of him but now I kind of love the idea of the book of Cinna.

  7. Mrs. Silverstein-Cinna is very different from most of the Capitol's citizens, and sometimes you have to wonder why. But a lot of the time, back-story gets very cliche, and you realize that you had more fun wondering about someone's back-story then you had discovering it.

    Also, most people don't have a single occurrence in their lives that determines their political and moral beliefs. It's nice to think of Cinna representing a portion of the Capitol citizens who, despite growing up spoiled and pampered, think the Hunger Games are wrong, even if most of those citizens are too afraid to act on that belief.


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